1. Absence from the School without leave is not permissible except when caused by sudden illness or unforeseen circumstances.

2. Leave of absence is not granted without a previous Written application from the Parent/Guardian stating the reasons, which must be a serious one. Such reasons as birthdays, excursion, festivals, wedding, time to study for an examination, are not considered sufficient.

3. After an absence from the class, the reasons for the absence must be briefly entered in the School Diary under “Absent“.

4. Absence on the day before examination will be seriously looked upon.

5. If absent for more than two consecutive days, a photo-copy of proper documents or originals should be produced.

6. The School Authority may impose a fine on absences that are not properly justified.

7. If unauthorised absence from the School exceeds 15 consecutive school Working days, then the student’s name may be struck off the rolls and he / she Will have to seek re-admission.

8. Leave for religious ceremonies and special occasions must be obtained beforehand.

9. In case of Leave, prior notice should be sent through letter and the same noted in the diary under the heading ‘LEAVE’ seeking permission subject to acceptance.

10. Arrival after 9.50 a.m. for Classes I to X and 11:35 a.m. for Classes NUR, LKG and UKG will be marked as Late in the diary.

11. Late arrival to the School is a breach of discipline. A student who comes late must record the date and time of arrival in the school Diary under the heading ‘Late’ countersigned by teacher and acknowledged by parent.

12. Late arrival may be penalized as per the circumstances.

13. Students who are regularly late will be sent back home.

14. The School declines all responsibilities, with regard to unauthorised absence. In case of failure to produce a letter giving reasons for unauthorised absence or delay, the student will be liable to return home.

15. Application for Half day’s leave or early leave will generally not be granted except under emergency circumstances.

6. No student will be permitted to leave school right after the assessments or examinations for any reason whatsoever.

17. Attendance on the following days are compulsory:

a. Independence Day, Republic Day, Foundation Day, Children’s Day, Sports Day, Teacher’s Day & Fete.

b. Assessments & all other Examination days.

c. First day and Last day of , School and Before and After Vacations.

d. Any other notified School Function Days.

Parents are expected to co-operate in the Work of the school by enforcing regularity.

18. Vacation

a. Vacations are published in the School notifications.

b. Unauthorized absence on the last day before vacation and 1st day on returning to School after vacation Will be a breach of school rules.

c. Saturdays are generally holidays subject to special conditions when classes may be held.

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