1. Promotion will be based on the performance of the student on the total continuous evaluation in every subject and on the work done throughout the year including behavioral aspects.

2. It is incumbent upon the students to secure at least 40% marks up to Class VIII and 35% thereafter, to be considered for Promotion to the next higher class.

3. For students who are absent during an Examination, there will be no provision for supplementary tests.

4. Failure to appear in an Examination may seriously affect a student’s chances of promotion.

5. If any student is found to use unfair means during examinations, that particular paper will be liable to be cancelled. If such misconduct is repeated, then the student may be expelled from the entire Examination.

6. The results of the Final Examination are binding and cannot be changed.

7. A student who fails to secure promotion for two consecutive years will be awarded a Transfer Certificate. Under no circumstances the student will be allowed to repeat the same class a third time. It needs to be further noted that no student will be allowed more than two such repetitions during his or her School life

8. In all cases of promotion or failure, the school authority’s decision is final and binding.

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