1. The School Diary must be brought to school every class day. The Student must enter his/her name and class in all the entries for “Absent”, “Leave”, “Late” etc.

2. No student will be allowed to leave the school campus during class hours except when a letter of authorization is granted by the School Authority on the basis of a written application submitted by the Parent/Guardian.

3. Students are responsible for the safe custody of their own belongings. Every article should be marked with the name and class of the student.

4. Students must speak in English in the School premises. Use of vernacular during School hours will be viewed against very seriously.

5. The School uniform is compulsory on all school days.

6. There will be a compulsory subject under “LIFE VALUE SKILLS” assessed from classes I to X. A score of at least 20 on 50 is mandatory for promotion.

7. Students are to address their teachers and all members of the staff with due respect and politeness,

8. On their way to School and while returning, the students are expected to behave amicably. School authority will not be responsible for children outside School premises.

9. MOBILE PHONES and other electronic gadgets like calculators, pen-drives, CD’s, DVD’s, toys and Cameras are strictly forbidden. Those items shall be confiscated, not liable to be returned. No complaints will be entertained on this account by the school authority.

10. Any damage to the school property will be penalised in the form of fine or general observation or suspension or must be made good by the student concerned as per the decision of the school.

11. Students should refrain from defacing walls and school furniture with graffiti in class rooms, corridors and lavatories.

12. Physical assault will lead to termination of the academic session of the pupil in question.

13. No books and, periodicals of objectionable nature are allowed within the school premises. All printed materials, except for study books, are to be presented to the School Office for approval. They may be read only when such approval is granted.

14. The school discourages all students to socialize through social networks. Any type of malicious uploading regarding the school or the management or the staff or teachers will be considered a breach of discipline. Parental guidance is advised. In the above case the school reserves the right to take action as deemed fit and proper under the circumstance without any prejudice.

15. Every student is expected to subscribe towards small school shows and local charities if permission is granted by the School Authority. No collection or fines are to be imposed without the written permission of the School Authority.

16. Every student attending school is expected to take part in co-curicular activities, organised by the school.

17. No arrangement will be made to send Tiffin, medicines or any other articles to the students during working hours if brought by parents, guardians or helping hands to be followed by regularity record.

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