1. Parents retain their rights and duties in the education of their children, even though they delegate them in part to the School The School Authorities consider the support and co-operation of Parents extremely useful.

2. Parents are requested to co-operate with the School Authorities:

a) By urging their wards to be regular and punctual.

b) By checking the School Diary everyday.

c) By seeing that, their wards are regular in their Home Work and lessons.

d) By insisting on neatness and cleanliness.

e) By occasionally meeting the Teachers and School Authorities to discuss about their ward’s progress by prior appointment.

f) By co-operating with teachers in all respects and also maintain the decorum of the school.

g) By avoiding criticism of a teacher in the child’s presence.

h) By sending an intimation regarding change in address and/ or telephone number.

3. Parents/Guardians are requested to meet the School Authorities with a positive frame of mind and shall not use any insulting/derogatory and abusive language while interacting with them.

4. Any legitimate complaint may be made in Writing addressed to head of School or by meeting at the appointed time.

5. The report Cards of the students will keep the parents/ Guardians informed about the progress of their children. These reports are to be signed and duly returned to the School.

6. Ordinarily, communications with Parents/Guardians are made through the School Diary and Notices. On the first day of the month, the School Diary must be checked and the signature of the Parent/ Guardian made with the word “Checked”.

7. Parent-Teacher’s meetings are called from time to time giving a Week’s notice in advance.

8. Parents/ Guardians are not allowed to see their wards or meet the Class Teachers during class hours without special permission from the School office. They may meet the teachers at the end of the school hours by prior appointment.

9. Parents are not allowed to send birthday gifts, Students may share a packet of toffees with their classmates/ teachers.

10. Admittance to the School premises is at the sole discretion of the School Authorities.

11. a) Parents/Guardians will not be allowed to enter the school premises in their casual wear, Dressed in Lungi, Half Pants. Bermudas, Gamchas or Vests is strictly prohibited.

b) Smoking, chewing pan, tobacco, gutka, smelling of alcohol or being in an inebriated state on entering the school premises is strictly prohibited.

12. All communications to the School must be addressed to the Head of school or Secretary of the School.

13. No School matters should be discussed over the telephone.

14. The School does not accept any responsibility legal or otherwise for accidents. However, the school is committed to take all necessary steps to prevent them from happening.

15. Parents/Guardians will hold the school indemnified against all claims arising through illness, accident, failure (academic) or any other cause.

16. Parents / Guardians will be responsible for the conveyance of their ward(s). The School Authority will not be responsible in this regard.

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